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What to eat on a diet


Let's clear up one thing before we start. Fats are not bad for you. You must keep this in mind if you want to know what to eat on a diet. There are still many sources that will tell you that fats are simply bad for you but cannot backup their claims with any good scientific or medical evidence.

In fact, these sources may produce far more detrimental results then you might expect. False information can sometimes trigger the fear of eating too much in certain individuals leading to eating disorders like anorexia.

In order to have a healthy balanced diet, we need energy and much of this energy is produced when fat is burned. Under certain extreme conditions our bodies will burn up the fat stored in order to release energy and help prevent starvation. Simply put, we need fat.

The key to what to eat on a diet is everything in moderation and should include fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and dairy products. There will of course be some exceptions to this because of certain allergies or religious beliefs. These together with vegetarian and vegan diets will be treated separately.

There are extremes such as the Atkins diet that you may or may not want to follow. Basically this is a low carbohydrate diet where you can eat as much protein and fat as you want.

Although it has been shown to produce good weight loss results for many of the followers of the Atkins diet, the problem is that carbohydrates are seen as the bad boy food and given the red light. This is possibly due to the fact that when carbohydrates are broken down in the body, it can lead to an increase in body fat and weight gain.

However, carbohydrates are needed for vital metabolic processes in the body and are important constituents of our cells. This should be taken into consideration if you decide this diet is for you.

Again, moderation is the key. Eat too much and you will put on weight.

So, what should you eat on a diet?

In conclusion, this will depend on your personal taste and for how long you will diet for. A high protein and low carb diet may be a short term solution but for the longer term a healthy well balanced diet is essential.

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