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Healthy Foods

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The most common reason for dieting today is not a healthier lifestyle, spending less money on chocolate or living longer but is simply the desire to lose weight by shedding those extra pounds we carry around.

Eating healthy foods should be an important part of anyone's diet and integrated into their lifestyle.

Some of us may want to hide the real reason for dieting and others may want to hide themselves completely.

Whatever your reason, the biggest stumbling block for many is hunger. I wouldn't be surprised if you are chomping on something right now. Difficult to resist, isn't it?

Once you understand your reason for dieting and the barriers that you will face on your journey, you will be able to accomplish dieting for weight loss comparatively easily.

One of the most common complaints is constantly feeling hungry. There are several strategies that you may want to consider. Some of these include bigger intakes of high fibre foods and drinking more water.

There can of course be issues with these. High fibre diets can sometimes lead to unpleasant side effects if too much is taken in a single session and therefore should be spread throughout the day.

Drinking more water is generally a good idea when dieting to lose weight. Water can help to provide that 'fuller feeling' that's often missing in some diet programs. It also helps your skin retain its elasticity and make it easier for it to go back into place if you lose a large amount of weight.

However, always bear in mind that it is possible to overdose on water and drinking too much can be fatal in some circumstances. People who fast on water and other juices for extended periods can lower the normal sodium levels in their blood causing what is sometimes referred to as 'water intoxication' or Hyponatremia.

This problem is more usually attributed to more extreme diets or heavy exercise routines but seek medical advice if you have any concerns about this when dieting for weight loss.

For many of us, moderation can be the key to successful weight loss. Eating smaller portions may be the answer although it can be difficult at times knowing what is an ample portion for our dietary needs and what is not.

Today, many of the meals in restaurants and fast food places are over generous, and with the size of meals changing, we no longer know what an average portion size is. To make matters worse, different foods contain different numbers of calories making it next to impossible to know how much we are eating and what effect it has on our body.

As well as portion sizes, our different metabolisms have a big impact on what we can eat. These can be genetic, lifestyle or even age related so that some people have quicker metabolisms and can burn energy more quickly and efficiently than others.

So although moderation is a good thing, how can we know what is moderate? This is where a good diet program can help. But remember that you're in charge. Don't go overboard when dieting, take one step at a time and make the choice that's right for you.


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