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Diet For Weight Loss
Choosing a properly balanced diet for weight loss.
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An effective way to lose weight quickly.
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Healthy Foods

healthy foods

Calorie Shifting
A method of weight loss that has been designed to fight your body's natural tendency of slowing down your metabolism when calorie intake is reduced.

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Diet Success

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Waist Circumference - A measurement of the circumference of a person’s waist. Increased quantities of fat around the waist can increase the risk of obesity-related health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. For a woman, the waist measurement should be no more than 35 inches and for men 40 inches.

Weight Control - The process of achieving and maintaining a healthy weight by having healthy eating habits and exercising regularly.

Weight-Cycling - This is losing and gaining weight over a period and then repeating the process over again. It is commonly called 'yo-yo' dieting.

Wasting - The loss of body tissue through deterioration or emaciation.

Wasting Syndrome - A progressive involuntary disorder where rapid weight loss can be seen in patients with HIV infections.

Water soluble vitamins - Vitamins that dissolve in water and can be absorbed directly into the blood stream.

Wellness - Relating to good physical and mental health.

Western Diet - A diet followed by most people in the Western World that is high in saturated fats, carbohydrates and sugars and often with a low nutrient density.

White blood cell - Blood cells that have a nucleus and cytoplasm called leukocytes and help fight infection.

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Diet Food Plan
Choosing a properly balanced diet food plan.
Diet Food Plan

What to Eat on a Diet
Information and advice on what to eat when dieting.
What to eat on a diet-vegetables

A Positive Approach

Diet Plan

Food Addiction
Food Addiction

Dieting for Health

Dieting for Health

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