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Diet For Weight Loss
Choosing a properly balanced diet for weight loss.
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An effective way to lose weight quickly.
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healthy foods

Calorie Shifting
A method of weight loss that has been designed to fight your body's natural tendency of slowing down your metabolism when calorie intake is reduced.

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Diet Success

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Diet For Weight Loss Glossary V


Valine - An amino acid important for energy production and storage that is present in most plant and animal protein.

Vanadium - A rare metallic element that is required in very small amounts to help cardiovascular functions.

Vegan - A person who eats only foods of plant origin and avoids all animal products from their diet.

Vegetarian - A person who does not eat food derived from animals and eats only vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains, etc.

Very-Low Calorie Diet VLCD) - A diet with very low calorific value, of 800 or less calories per day and is used to promote rapid weight loss. Normally these types of dieting are carefully supervised by a doctor or qualified health care provider.

Very-low-density Lipoprotein (VLDLP) - A lipoprotein produced in the liver and used to help transport lipids throughout the body.

Visible Fat - A fat often used in food preparation and includes butter, margarine, lard and edible oils.

Vitamin - An organic compound necessary for life and essential for normal growth. Only small quantities of vitamins are required in our diet.

Vitamin A - A fat-soluble vitamin that acts as a moisturizing nutrient and prevents dryness of the eyes. It also helps support the reproductive system and helps fight infection in the immune system.

Vitamin B12 - This water soluble vitamin is needed for healthy red blood cells. It can be used to treat pernicious anaemia.

Vitamin C - Also known as ascorbic acid this vitamin speeds up the production of new cells in the healing process and protects the immune system as well as many other important functions. It is found in fruit and vegetables, especially citrus fruits.

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Diet Food Plan
Choosing a properly balanced diet food plan.
Diet Food Plan

What to Eat on a Diet
Information and advice on what to eat when dieting.
What to eat on a diet-vegetables

A Positive Approach

Diet Plan

Food Addiction
Food Addiction

Dieting for Health

Dieting for Health

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