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Calorie Shifting
A method of weight loss that has been designed to fight your body's natural tendency of slowing down your metabolism when calorie intake is reduced.

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Calorie Shifting


Many of the diet plans are based on restrictions on fats, carbohydrates and high calorie foods. So, is there a best diet to lose weight? Well, not really. Dieting is a personable experience and not all diets suit everyone. However, if you are one of the majority of people that don't believe in the latest fad of superfoods claiming incredible weight loss in record time, or don't want to follow boring menus, maybe it's time to take another approach.

Calorie shifting could be the answer for you. If you're not familiar with this term, don't worry, I'll explain it here.

Basically, calorie shifting is a method of weight loss that has been designed to fight your body's natural tendency of slowing down your metabolism when calorie intake is reduced. Because of this slowing of the body's metabolism or metabolic rate, it becomes more difficult to lose weight. This can lead to what I would call stationary or fixed weight that you just can't get rid of. In other words, your body slows down to compensate for the fat loss and prevents you from losing any more

Since most of us have sedentary occupations today, a calorie shifting program may be a good alternative to other programs on the market.

One such program is FatLoss4Idiots. Don't let the name of this program deter you. It is a hugely popular diet program with many satisfied customers.

How does it work?

Fat Loss 4 idiots is a calorie shifting diet program that is followed for 11 days. Then, after this period, a 3 day break is introduced during which time you can eat whatever you want. During the 11 day cycle, you will follow a specific food plan eating a variety of different foods from an online diet generator. Then after this, you can eat what you want for the next 3 days. The cycle is then repeated.

This system works by stimulating your body's metabolism. By changing the type and quantity of food that you eat, your body will burn fat quicker as a result.

One benefit of this diet is that there is no need to remember meal plans, what to eat next or count the calories that can often be confusing. The calorie shifting software is provided to assist you with this and will help you with any ‘what to eat decisions' you may have.

Another benefit is that unlike many other diet programs, when you stop you will generally keep the weight off because of the metabolic stimulation that you get during the program.

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